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The desire to REDUCE the "speed, time & touches to acquire a user" - is that a blessing or a curse?

For established brands where the "expectation" for the future "experience" has been mostly baked - both functionally and emotionally, the effort to minimize the FUNNEL SPEED to conversion works GREAT

Users expectations have been set, the experiences come close, sometimes meet or miss the expectations but the AWARENESS & AFFINITY exists

However, for brands/businesses that DO NOT have that awareness & affinity -- the SHRUNK FUNNEL could very well be a CURSE in the mid-long term

The faster, fear based acquisition, with 2 touches prevents the users from truly UNDERSTANDING the functional & emotional value of the product, creates a gap between the EXPECTATION & EXPERIENCE leading to churn

It's counter intuitive but most often, data will correlate the 2 additional touches/clicks with higher retention in mid-long term

👉🏿 DO NOT optimize for short term KPI alone, think mid-long term retention

👉🏿 Set the expectation to match the experience... they can come close NOT just by elevating the experience but also by setting the "right expectation" ... that's marketing

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